August 16, 2022

Hair: for the holidays, we dare the notched effect

Want a hairstyle glamorous, which really impacts your entire look? Think of the notches. This classic of Hollywood glamor has it interesting that it addresses all the lengths of hairfrom cut to square with endless manes. And, with the help, it does not turn out to be so difficult to achieve. shows you how to make a success, like the hairstyle signed by Véronique Dumazet for L'Oréal Professionnel.
Start by combing a line on one side of your head. To help you, take the middle of the eyebrow as a marker. On the side of the head where the most hair, take a wick approximately 5 centimeters wide. Also plan a good thickness for this lock of hair. Divide it into 4 small locks of equal size, which you will then work with a curling iron. Surround the wick by spacing the circles of hair on the iron. Once the locks are curled, relax them to get small waves. Paint and lacquer repeatedly until you get the desired effect. Apply on the locks a dab of smoothing cream. It will give a beautiful icy effect, full of bright reflections. Finally, attach the locks behind the ear using a kirby clip.
On a short cut, put your hair backwards with a good dose of gel, applied using a comb. The long hair prefer to tie the lengths to clear the face. A smooth ponytail or a hair bun dancer in the nape of the neck will be perfect. Whatever you choose, consider smoothing every hair that cover your skull with gel, so that no wick sticks out.

Herobrine's Holiday - Minecraft (August 2022)