December 10, 2023

Hairstyle of the day: Jessica Alba, crisp with her hairy bun

In Spy Kids 4, Jessica Alba embodies a former secret agent who resumes service ... with ultra-smart children of his young husband. At the preview, which took place in Los Angeles this weekend, it is armed with his best smile that the actress has walked the red carpet.


Like he usually does, Jessica Alba had chosen to put her pregnant belly in value with a long, comfortable dress dotted with stars and tightened just below the chest. Always very glamorous, the beautiful gave us once again a lesson of seduction while her delivery is imminent. Hat!


More beautiful than ever!

To break his long and shapeless hold on the lower body, Jessica Alba had chosen a hairstyle structured that put his fine shoulders in value. Her fair-haired caramel hair had been brought back in a large bun on the top of her head and a beautiful shining wick fell on her forehead. A nice bunted hair-tousled for a Jessica Alba more beautiful than ever!

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