June 10, 2023

Holiday perfumes: the new scents

Mystic Wood of Estée Lauder

Distilled rose, peony petals, spicy rose berries ... Woody Mystique is a very oriental perfume with an extravagant bouquet and nuances full of refinement. Egyptian jasmine blends with the mimosa of Provence, the iris of Morocco and the Ylang. As for the notes of patchouli and cedar wood, they bring sophistication and depth to the fragrance that quickly becomes unforgettable for all those who rub shoulders with those who wear it. Presented as a precious jewel, in a luxurious black and shiny gold bottle, it is particularly suitable for elegant women with a strong, ultra-feminine character.
Eau de Parfum 100 ml: 150 euros
Limited edition

Treasure the Absolute desire of Lancôme

Do you feel the soul of a femme fatale? This fragrance is totally for you. Terribly sensual thanks to the Centifolia rose that radiates in the heart of the fragance, this new opus of Lancome declines vaporous and honeyed notes. Covered with absolute jasmine and bourbon vanilla, it is a burning concentrate of desire that absolutely captivates all men, even those who do not usually notice you (if, if we tested). A true philter of sensory love. With your party dress of Eve, put in a few drops: seduction effect guaranteed.
40ml perfume water: 86 euros
Available from November 15, 2011

Madly Kenzo by Kenzo

The last born of the house Kenzo is a real call to olfactory thunderbolt. Impressed by its ultra-sensual character thanks to its heliotrope flowers and incense combined with its vanilla background, it is absolutely delicious and addictive. We want to put everywhere! On her hair, her clothes and then we stop for fear of emptying too soon the pretty bottle shaped wing butterfly. We feel free, limitless, and totally "madly" when we wear it. An invitation to the party not only on New Year's Eve but for every day you wear it. Joy of life all by itself, it puts color everywhere. It is the anti-gray mine provided to face the rûdesses of the winter.

Eau de Parfum 30 ml: 52 euros; 50 ml: 72 euros; 80ml: 89 euros.

Moment of Happiness by Yves Rocher

Flowered to perfection, Moment of Happiness is a total immersion in a spring meadow where the scent of roses invades the senses. A moment suspended, a ray of sunshine and suddenly a feeling of happiness floods you. The watercolor-like bottle of yellow, green and soft pink is just as romantic. It invites reverie even before the release of the fragrance that flies away like a light breeze. Happiness is fleeting, grab it before it runs away!

Eau de Parfum 50 ml: 45 euros.

Aura by Swarovski

A jewel that makes perfume: this is the brilliant invention of Swarovski. The crystal becomes a perfumed luminescent jewel. In its heart, a pleasant powdery and glittery texture with floral and fruity notes. This solid perfume is applied by keys to the pulsation points, in the hollow of the neck, wrist or décolleté. We love !

Crystal Concrete perfumed jewel: 60 euros.

Fragrances I wore on holiday in Devon (vacation perfumes) (June 2023)