August 16, 2022

Iceshots, completely frosted glasses!

To break the ice cream during your aperitif, replace your glasses and verrines with iceshots. How? Nothing more simple: you need small food plastic molds or clever silicone that is filled with liquid. After 4:00 in the freezer, your glasses are ready. The molds are dishwasher safe and reusable to infinity. There are different shapes: flared glass, square, hexagonal or heart shaped, it's up to you. To avoid freezing your fingers where your glass melts in your hand, Artic Ice Shots even offers a mold where the clear plastic stays in place around the glass. Practice and cannon!

Glasses of all colors
For a aperitif full of colors, you have two options. You can play on the transparency of your new glass by ice cream by freezing water and choosing a cocktail recipe or colored verrine for the interior. To flavor the glass without coloring, let lemon or fresh mint leaves infuse in the water. Otherwise, you can make glasses of all colors by replacing the water with fruit juice or juice. vegetables or by adding blackcurrant syrup, grenadine, strawberry or kiwi.

Multiple uses
Verrine or cocktail glass, the iceshots can do it all! Put in your drinks, your gazpacho, your verrine preparations or your balls of ice cream. No need for ice cubes, your iceshots will keep all your little dishes cool. And best of all, if you've chosen silicone molds, you can reuse them in the kitchen to make cake or cake cups. It only remains to choose the joke.

How to Make a Shot Glass Out of Ice (August 2022)