June 10, 2023

Interview: Juliette Katz tells us all her beauty secrets

What is your secret to being beautiful?
Feel good and not lie to yourself. You have to be sincere with yourself, the eyes of others pass after. We live in a society of appearance, it's scary ... Me I'm a 44/46, I've always been more or less round but I assume ... After that does not stop me from to make diets! (Laughter)

Are you a fan of makeup?
Not really. I do not do much makeup and in a very simple way: mascara on the top lashes, the red lipstick - a By Terry I stole from a girlfriend or a pencil I bought in India - and a little blush to give me a good look because I am very white of skin. I also often do not put makeup at all.

And hairstyle?
Uh ... I never really do hairstyles. On the pictures, on stage or in the clips, I'm doing improbable things! Banana sixties, hyper crepe stuff at the Amy Winehouse, I'm put tree branches in the hairit's very folkloric ... But in everyday life it's hair dropped a little brothel, I like the brothel. I'm a ray in the middle and I put a lot of lacquer, Elnett L'Oreal I knew with my grandmother, to give volume, and voila!

Would you define yourself as a beauty tester or are you faithful to certain products?
I often sting in my mother's products. Otherwise I like the cream of Nuxe, but it costs a bit expensive. In fact I often change brands, especially since I was offered a lot of cream ...

What are your rituals?
I'm a real girl, so I put cream on my face every day, and I make masks and body scrubs and hair... but I prepare them myself! I do not like all the chemical stuff that we find in this kind of products, so I look on the net, I type "make homemade mask" and that's it!

Do you have a tip, or a grandmother recipe to share?
Well, my hair do not grease the roots. I wash them twice a week, because every day it's not good, and in the meantime I'm using a dry shampoo! Otherwise my mother gave me two great tricks: if a little pimples on the horizon you must put alcohol to 90 to dry, or spend a night with menthol toothpaste on it ... It works!

Are you a girl to perfume ?
Yes. I like heady things, very amber. I wear Mature and Musk Extreme from the Craftsman Parfumeur for years ... But I'm a little fed up so I alternate with Amber Sultant of Serge Lutens and Padparadscha the patchouli scent of the jewelry brand Satellite. Sometimes I wear Petite Cherie Annick Goutal, but it's also a fragrance a little expensive so not at this time! (Laughter)

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