January 24, 2021

Kamasutra: The Lotus Union or Sexy Yoga

In the position Sexy Yoga or Lotus Flower, the man sits in the lotus position, his ankles crossed between the thighs. The woman wraps her legs around her waist. Glued mouths, the man and the woman inspire the breath of the other. The woman tilts the pelvis back and contracts her perineum while inhaling, then she tilts it forward and relaxes her muscles while exhaling. The man follows her in his movements.
Council + : This position of Kamasutra especially for yoga enthusiasts. By synchronizing your breathing and your movements, you increase your sensual complicity. To be totally relaxed (this is the absolute condition for this position!), Why not start with an oil massage session in a zen atmosphere of candles and soft music?

Flexibility: ++
Sexual challenge: +++

Active man: +++
Active woman: +++

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