April 20, 2024

Love story in teens: he is in love, how to react?

For some time now, your son's behavior has been strange: he has a thin voice on the phone, locks himself in his room to chat on the Internet and seems less focused on his classes. Blame it on ... Marine, his first girlfriend.

Since you are in the confidence thanks to another mother who revealed the pot to the roses, you are tempted to know more. Above all, do not try to conduct your little investigation with the little brother. He would sell the wick and that would make you lose all credibility and confidence that your son has in you. On the contrary, respect his desire for independence and intimacy. He will come back to you as soon as he needs advice.

Also, do not taunt him and avoid the phrases like "Are you present to us when Marine?", If you are not supposed to know that your teen flirts with a young lady. His love story is his secret garden, know how to stay in your place.

However, show yourself interested if he speaks to you about it and tell him that the door is open to meet the lucky one.
Anyway, do not make fun of him and do not take this story lightly. She is important to him. Through her, he begins to learnlove, discover the first physical emotions and become familiar with the opposite sex.
Moreover, the first flirtation helps him to become independent, which will soon allow him to stand on his own.

He does it badly, I recommend it?

No. Again, stay in your place. No question of advising your son even if you see that he does it wrong and he is likely to get a jacket by Linda, the very pretty class delegate.

Eventually, whisper in his ear that this garment fits him better than another or in the tone of the joke that compliments always please women.
But he has to live his own experience. If the girl refuses his advances, it's up to him to understand his mistakes: clumsy sentences, dubious hygiene ... Not to mention that Linda may not be just for him.

Should we approach the question of sexuality?

Yes. Most of teens are poorly informed about the sexuality. They think they know everything but still too often ignore the risks involved or even how to put on a condom. Moreover for them, it is superfluous! As a result, most young people do not put them to the act.

It is therefore better to address the issue of diseases, sexually transmitted infections and other sexuality. Take the opportunity to ask the question of contraception.
The more these themes are treated upstream, the more your child will remember when the time comes. At least he will not be able to say that he did not know.

But to discuss this delicate issue that makes young people blush and makes parents uncomfortable, do not take the couple lover apart. On the contrary, speak freely with your family during a meal. No need to organize a special evening, you would make everyone feel uncomfortable. No, just express yourself on the subject and spread the word.

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