August 16, 2022

Make-up: seduction ideas that we prick to geishas

What geishas do
Makeup is a delicate operation, they are often helped by a makeup artist when they start. They must then learn how to paint themselves. Over time, they reduce the amount of makeup.[ ]Beyond 30 years, they even have the right not to put any more, except on special occasions.
The face is completely covered with rice powder. The cheeks and lips are made up of pink and red[]. The eyebrows and the eye contour are underlined by a khol stroke.
"Aburatori-kami" are small leaves that absorb excess oil on the face without damaging the makeup. They are still extremely used by Japanese women today.
Sources of inspiration

You should start by applying the fat white with a small sponge on your entire face and wait a few moments it dries. Second step: the rice powder that will maintain the makeup in place and matify everything. To avoid shining on the T-zone, matte tissue paper is an indispensable ally that prolongs makeup.

The eye shadow should be applied over the eye but it should also put a little touch just below the lower lashes. Then we can put mascara on the eyes as we usually do.

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