October 27, 2021

Makeup of black and mixed skin: prepare your skin

The specificities of black and mixed skins
Black skins are generally oily or mixed with an excess of sebum on the T zone. It is therefore a question of purifying the skin but also of eliminating the shine effect by making it more dull. Dehydrated black skin is also found, but it should not be confused with the dry types that are more common in white women. A dehydrated skin needs to be nourished but with a product without fat, otherwise it will soon become fat, which is another way.
The golden rule is to matify, again and again!
Daily, you have to wash your face with a cleansing foam (Purely Cleanser-Payot-28,20?)
and do a scrub once a week.
Do not use coarse gum creams, otherwise you will irritate your skin! According to an idea unfortunately spread, the black skins would be thicker and would need a more vigorous exfoliation ... But that's absolutely false. They are as fragile as white skin and need to be treated with the same sweetness. So use products based on fine grains! This is not about stripping your skin, but to clean it with delicacy. We recommend Blackup's "Grape of Apricot" which is a very good exfoliant (25,50 euros) Finally, if you have pigment spots, slightly insist on these areas to better eliminate dead skin.
To care deeply
After scrubbing, think about making a mask! The pores are open and therefore absorb better care.
A beauty tip: from one week to another, change product! Juggle between purifying (a clay-based mask) and moisturizer ("Aquamemory" from Gatineau-33?)! You will rebalance the Ph of your skin faster.
If you're a busy woman, you can also opt for a two-in-one scrub / mask that will save you time. We recommend the "white peel" Ametis (37?) Which removes impurities while illuminating the dyed.
Fatty products, we forget! We choose a cream that nourishes the skin deeply without making it shine. The moisturizer mattifying at Iman (35,50?) is very good and it has the advantage of having a sunscreen. Better to have one in your day cream when you are black or mixed race, because micro-scars or dark spots have to darken if we do not protect them from UV rays! And it is only after several weeks and by dint of scrubs and hydration that you will be able to find a dyed uniform. Do not take unnecessary risks and protect your skin from the sun!
A tip for the care of really oily skin: we apply a drop of serum regulator to better detoxify his skin (Serum So Pure- Payot- 35,30?) Before his day cream

How to Prep Oily Skin for Makeup (October 2021)