June 23, 2021

Masterchef: what happened in the 4th episode

A mystery box like we've never seen before
"This mystery box is the most surprising imagined so far", announcement Sébastien Demorand all smiles to the candidates of Masterchef at the beginning of the fourth episode. Indeed, cooking a salty dish in the microwave is original, especially when you never use it or just a few times to warm up your milk or the dish of the day before! Astonished, the candidates of Masterchef do not be dismantled and in the end it's a little sprinkler watered. The jury is amazed!

Simon and Pierre have been cautious and daring in the choice of their products and the result is there: they are the heart of the jury! Once is not customary Laurent wins a special mention, with his monkfish with crunchy vegetables, a dish he felt "a little more design than usualUnfortunately the requirement of this new test will not have succeeded to Hasnaa who returns for the 3rd time in test under pressure.

Dressage, a dreaded event
Who will join Hasnaa under pressure test? The dressage test will decide. This seemingly easy exercise is proving formidable and the plates are often disappointing in the eyes of the demanding jury. Yet Peter's plate stands out: "there was the idea, the precision and especially it was greedy"Yves Candeborde, the three jurors are conquered, Pierre once again wins the jury and even the admiration of Frédéric Anton who tells him to become a fan of him. The day is exceptional for the young man who recognizes that he now has a little more pressure. Thomas will not be able to say as much. His determination was not enough and is found against Hasnaa against which he falls in test under pressure.

Faced with a jury of masters
What's worse for amateur cooks than to be judged by the chefs of gastronomy? Perched on the terrace of the famous Fairmont Monte Carlo, the candidates of Masterchef discover that they will have to invest the kitchens of two-star chef Philippe Joannes to prepare an entrée and a dish according to their only statement to nine Bocuse d'Or.
It is in teams, girls against boys, that the candidates discover the luxurious kitchens. Impressed and stressed, foolish fans (for the occasion) take up the challenge hands down. "I would like all professionals to be at this level", says chef Jacky Freon.What about girls or boys came out the best plates, the opinions are mixed: what is appreciable for some is not necessarily for others.The party is tight and it is the boys who win the match with seven votes in their favor against five, who are proud to have conquered this jury of experts, and to the unhappy candidates the sadness of competing in a test under pressure to bid farewell to detective Sabine who goes home very sad of her defeat in the final round.

MasterChef Season 4 Episode 1 (US 2013) (June 2021)