October 25, 2021

Miley Cyrus, her haircut hairstyle: metamorphosed into a punkette

"But what happens to Miley Cyrus ? "worries our confreres Gala.On August 7, the young actress, fiancée of Chris Hemsworth, cover girl of the Marie-Claire US, was entitled to a hair cut of girl fresh and healthy way Jennifer Aniston, a square Platinum blond, it was time to wonder: Hannah Montana's actress was preparing for a few tests hairstyles for his wedding? A priori no, or they displeased him!

"I have never felt so much myself"

This Monday, August 13th, Miley Cyrus shared his desire for change on his Twitter account before showing a picture of a pair of scissors a few inches from his hair rassembled in a bun. Finally comes the picture of the result with a Miley Cyrus more neo-punkette than ever. A short cut, certainly but also graphic: it is indeed a destructured bowl with part of the skull almost shaved. "I have never felt so much myself in my life" Miley Cyrus before continuing: "Someone just told me that I was even prettier than Miley CyrusFinally, "I feel pretty, so pretty and happy".

Yes Miley Cyrus Also expresses her jubilation, it is that she is totally removed from the canons of beauty in force in her little world of red carpet adulescent, going more towards Alice Dellal than Jennifer Aniston. Pretty little and hairstyle sexy punkette, is not that the successful equation of a Rihanna or Cassie?

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