August 15, 2022

Sprouted seeds: instructions for use

In botany, a germ refers to that part of the seed that develops to form the plant. During the germination process, all vitamins that are contained in the seed will grow exponentially. Thus, seeds become foods of great nutritional value, rich in enzymes and trace elements that will facilitate digestion. When used in addition to our food, sprouted seeds contribute to a food healthy and invigorating. They have many virtues, they promote the regeneration of cells and strengthen the immune system.

What is germination?

It is a natural phenomenon that occurs when seeds are impregnated with water under favorable conditions of temperature, oxygenation and darkness ...

Some examples of seeds ...

Eating sprouted seeds can help fill some of the shortcomings offood modern. These small shoots have many virtues, most of them contain a large amount of phosphorus, a mineral that strengthens the bone system.

Wheat germ: a true cocktail of vitamins

Wheat, for its properties and its ease of use is the seed most used in seeds to germinate, then comes soya, lentils, alfalfa, fenugreek, barley, chickpeas, watercress, quinoa and rye. Wheat germ revitalizes the body, tones muscles, heart and arteries while strengthening the immune system.

Sprouted seed: an anti-anemic?

The lens contains vitamins A and D, but it is best known for its high iron content. Once germinated, the lens becomes an excellent remedy for anemic. It germinates after two to three days ... Fenugreek, despite its bitter taste can also be consumed to fight anemia when it is germinated. It promotes the circulation of blood and stimulates the pancreas. He is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5 and contains iron and phosphorus.

How to cook sprouted seeds?

All shoots of leafy seeds (radish, alfalfa) can be eaten raw. On the other hand, it is necessary to cook legumes and sprouted cereals, except wheat, over very low heat.
Sprouted seeds are used in various dishes: salads, omelettes, patties, soups; grain seeds will enhance your homemade breads or pastries. You can still use the seeds in oriental dishes or cereal-based dishes.
Our advice
If you germinate seeds, as soon as the seed appears, the shoots are ready for consumption; do not forget to rinse them thoroughly before eating them.

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