July 3, 2020

Stain, scar, mark, how to camouflage them with makeup?

There are different ways to fade scars, especially those left by acne. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser, dermatologists and other skin specialists can offer you solutions to fade them. Ditto for tasks or for some marks on the skin. So remember to consult, if these tasks become a real problem for you and your well-being.

If you have not yet had the time to go through the sometimes expensive business, makeup is a good solution to hide the few pigmentary defects that may appear on the face.

Before coming to the actual make-up, however, it is important to go through the hydration and care step. Indeed, new creams are now available on the market and can reduce scars and stains on the skin. Clinic has released Serum Even Better, which allows to give "the skin a more unified tone". Other creams with glycolic acid have the property of gradually reducing the scars.

If you have to hide spots or scars on your skin, choose a background of dyed high coverage. It is important that the background color of dyed perfectly matches your skin. Several brands offer this type of background dyed which still leaves a natural finish. Examples include Avene and Vichy who have specific ranges to cover these imperfections. Let's also mention Clinique and their new fund of dyed Even better that has the property of camouflaging scars and brown spots, but which also treat the skin and avoids the reappearance of the tasks due to aging.

With the background of dyed, your other allies to best camouflage your marks are theconcealer and the correction pallets of dyed.
With l'concealerYou can cover up your scars by leveling the surface of your skin using the product, either to fill your scar if it is hollow, or to surround it if it is curved.

For red marks and scars, the green of the corrector pallets dyed you will make the color disappear. While for scars and marks that pull on purple, you will use the yellow palette. This is the same principle as for dark circles that often pull on purple. These complementary colors are neutralized.
To fix everything, powder your face with a loose powder or a compact powder of your choice.

How To: Cover / Conceal A Scar (July 2020)