August 14, 2022

The bobo style: a way of life

The bobo style represents today the best way to be shifted and relaxed with class.
This Diane Keaton style style in Annie Hall by Woody Allen, is based on a return to nature and on ethnic values. Bobo woman pretends not to be primed, claims the hippie spirit and recycles old to make something new. She boasts above all to follow his desires without worrying about fashion and the eyes of others.

She is looking for cool baba clothes. The tendency is to superimpose long skirts with floral prints, with wide leather belts, with pieces of wool or cotton fabric. More simply, the woman bobo wears too big T-shirts accompanied by holed jeans and cowboy boots or sandalettes.

Accessories side, the boho style boasts a profusion of pearl necklaces, retro bracelets and ethnic earrings. A wool hat, a big bag in aged leather and fly glasses will be the essential of your adornment!

Our advice:
Avoid the excess of too big clothes, but you can safely associate a comfortable jean with a high fitted ... or on the contrary a T-shirt a little wide with a slim jeans!

Hobo Johnson - Typical Story (Official Video) (August 2022)