October 4, 2023

The Bread Festival in all of France from 11 to 17 May

Often, very often, almost every time ... The French is represented abroad with a beret on the head (it is not systematic certainly but it is still recurrent!), A wand of bread by hand. Because if wine is the pride of our country, the bread accompany him and to go further, we could even say that one does not go without the other!
When you go on vacation, you may not realize it on the spot but on your return, you realize that your baker missed you, is not it? We are so proud of our bread (This product that we envy the tourists!) It is not surprising that we give him a party every year.
For the 14th edition, the Feast of Bread will take place from the 11th to the 17th but next in all France. This year, regional specialties are being honored and the theme "Let's celebrate breads of our regions "will be displayed on all bakeries.For a week, the French will live at the time of the bakers .. Do not panic, get up every day at three in the morning will not be an obligation ... All along of this event, there will be events, tastings and many other surprises. Bread will take place from May 14 to 18, the kick-off will be given on the forecourt of the Notre-Dame cathedral and the Province of Quebec is the guest of honor of the event.

Did you know ?
The bread is present in the diet of 98% of French. The average consumption in an adult is 136g of bread per day.

For more information: //www.lafetedupain.com/

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