April 1, 2020

The first name of the day: Apolline

Today we are zooming in on first name Apolline with a "p" and two "l". What do you think ? This first name is carried by about 9,000 people in France. And in Greek mythology, Apolline refers to Apollo, the god of light. Did you know ?

The girls, who wear this first nameare lively, curious and even playful. They put animation around them. Their entourage must be firm and directive with these children who are unstable and scattered. Apollines can be generous and charitable or altruistic and egocentric.

The women, who are called Apolline, are friendly, communicative, extroverted and cheerful. They express themselves easily. They are very emotional and amuse their loved ones. However, they are sensitive women. But they adapt easily to all situations. They are confident. Gauls and expressive, the Apollines are endearing women. Some tend to disperse too much. To monitor !

The Apollines like to laugh, talk, have fun. They also throw money through the windows. They seek happiness. They are sensual and seductive. On the side, they are jealous and possessive.

First Day Apolline Arnaud (April 2020)