April 20, 2024

The nail polish of the summer: Speciale "nude addicts"


Wake up the woman child who sleeps in you with purple on your little fingers!

Neither sad nor outrageously cheerful, this half-tint color will delight lovers of understated refinement.
Nostalgic of the French manicure, to your nail polish purple. You will love !
With the summer, this color comes out just enough when a ray of sunshine makes its appearance and knows how to be forgotten in the office when you are in tailoring.

The purple does not go with everything however, caution. Black and white clothes are perfect but with red or yellow, it's very average ...

Our favorite things:

-The "Mauve Mellow" Attire & Strong Pro from Gemey Maybelline
-the Lucky lucky lavender from OPI's Hong Kong collection

The light pink

The rose knows how to be elegant and chic too. In different shades, it will dress up wonderfully your nails that will look all innocent ... So pure!

The advantage with the pale pink is that it goes to all nails, round or square, and it refines the fingers as if by magic, in a kind of trompe-l'oeil effect.
And if you were a fan of the French Manicure, totally out of fashion today, it's a good way to please yourself anyway.

We recommend "opaline" by Peggy Sage, OPI's "Panda monium pink"!

Light gray

You are rather classic, choose the light gray to adorn your nails!

Less provocative than black and more original than a clear varnish, the gray will give you a little quirky side. Just what it takes to not go unnoticed. Especially if you want to stand out from your girlfriends, who will certainly have chosen the flashy colors of summer ... Let yourself try the "cloud gray" Gemey Maybelline.

A pearl

Far from tipex white, the pearly pearl will appeal to lovers of simple elegance and no frills.
The wise romantic will choose it, no doubt.

However, avoid wearing it when you are still all white. It really only goes to tanned skin, otherwise the double effect of aspirin. As much to warn you immediately.

On the feet, it happily goes much better ... And in flip flops, on the hot sand of the beach, it's even rather chic! Add a beautiful necklace of shells or pearls, you will have a nice effect reminder bonus.

You should find your happiness with the "Pearl of Wisdom" from the Hong Kong collection of OPI.

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