September 19, 2020

The name girl of the day: Laurie

This first name, which means crowned with laurels in Latin, is currently worn by about 29,000 people in France. In 2012, it should not be attributed to more than fifty babies.

When they are small, the Lauries are easygoing and malicious. Pleasant to live, they have many friends but because there is a small but they do not keep long. They are indeed versatile and courted. They like to draw attention to them. Their family is in awe of these girls who have a facility of speech. Some people tend to lie. It would be good to inculcate morality rules.

When they grow up, the Lauries are charming and sophisticated. They take care of their appearance. Happy and friendly, they sometimes tend to be complacent. The Lauries are curious, clever, intuitive and practical. Flexible and communicative, these women, who wear this first name girl, are sociable. Emotive, they are nervous. The Lauries love to seduce, communicate and laugh. Side hearts, they are exclusive and possessive.

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