February 29, 2024

The name of the day: Flavien

The name Flavien, descendant of Roman emperors

The first name Flavien came out, like its female counterpart Flavie, from the name of a large Roman family. The Flavius ​​gave besides a dynasty of Roman emperors, to which belonged Vespasian, Titus and Domitian; they reigned from 69 to 96. Their legions, moreover, landed Vitellius from the imperial throne to impose their commander, Vespasian.

Flavien, a rare name

Located in Latin-speaking countries such as France, Spain and Italy, the first name Flavien - or Flavio - remains rare. And even if he had a renewed interest in the 1990s. His record year is 1995, when 499 French newborns were named Flavien. Fifteen years later, in 2010, there were only 140. In comparison, the first name number 1, Lucas, was given the same year to 6923 babies. The North and the DOM-TOM are the departments where Flavien is most often chosen.

Flavian: wisdom and charisma

Flavien is a being full of wisdom and charisma. He loves peace, harmony and always acts with tact and diplomacy, with a smile on his lips. Sensitive and emotional, he brings a great importance to his family and sentimental life, which does not prevent him from being determined on the professional level. Children who wear the first name Flavien are considered wise as images and inclined to take on responsibilities quickly.

Flavian and Flavio famous

Apart from a number, if not a certain number, of saints from Christian churches, it is difficult to find personalities with the first name Flavien. Maybe your child will open this path? The Italian version is more common, with actors like Flavio Bucci and Flavio Insinna. Crossing the Atlantic, some Brazilian athletes wear this first name, footballers Flavio Conceiçao and Flavio Cuca, or tennis player Flavio Saretta.

Flavien Davis - Media Day | Jan. 13, 2014 (February 2024)