August 14, 2022

The sex life is getting longer for the French

Age of first sexual intercourse women has become very close today to that of men, condom use has spread, and dating sites among young people are some of the lessons of the third survey on sexual behavior in France. This study was commissioned by the ANRS (AIDS-Hepatitis Agency) to help guide sexuality prevention policies (STD, AIDS ...). Conducted by Inserm and Ined at 12.364 women and men aged 18 to 69, from the end of September 2005 to 24 March 2006, it also shows that women Couples over 50 years old are now experiencing a much more active sexual life than those surveyed in previous surveys in 1970 and 1992.

Regarding the age of first sexual intercourse womenit is now 17.6 years for women, and 17.2 years for men. In the 2000s, a downward trend appeared. In half a century, the entry into the sex life of men has dropped by one and a half and that of women three years. There is also a "significant increase" in the number of women 18-69 year olds who report having had sex with men in their lifetime (4% vs. 2.6% in 1992), while the proportion men (4,1%).

Dating sites are commonplace among young people

Nearly one third of young people aged 18 to 24 have already connected to Internet dating sites. For all 18 to 69 year olds, this proportion is 9.6% for women and 13.1% for men. A man in ten, between the ages of 20 and 24, have already had sex with someone they meet online (6% of women).

The number of partners declared by women is up from previous surveys (averaging 4.4 in 2006) but remains stable among men since 1970 (11.6). However, women, contrary to men, tend not to count partners with no emotional importance (for example, those of a night). The use of prostitution does not decrease: more than 5% of men 20-34 year olds have paid to have sex in the last five years.

About 13% of French people know one or more HIV-positive people (same proportion as in 1992). A women out of two and 45% of men have been tested for AIDS in their lifetime.

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