August 16, 2022

Top 5 Apple Apps to Keep the Line

As the holiday season approaches Christmasyou certainly do not have the jersey that awaits you at the end of the tunnel. But there is still the evening dress of Christmas or December 31st, which is yours. Before the fateful test fitting in store, nothing like a small food check-up, to pay attention to its line ultra-connected and modern, where a technology coach follows you 24/24. Forward for our Top 5 mobile apps to keep the line!


  1. - FatSecret, edited by Secret Industries Pty Ltd, is a free calorie counter that provides nutritional information for ingested foods. The app has several tools, a food diary to plan your meals and keep track of them, an exercise log to save burned calories, a log that keeps track of your progress, and a selection to find the calories you need. food, brands and restaurants.
  2. - Lifesum, edited by ShapeUp Club AB, is a free app of form and health, elected Best Application 2013 last December. It helps to monitor and improve consumers' eating habits by optimizing their choices. This app is connected to other physical activity tracking apps, such as "Runkeeper " or "Moves ". The "Life Circle" allows to consult the follow-up of the diet. Tables allow to be guided in its objectives. For further, Lifesum offers a subscription Gold, from $ 7 to $ 36 monthly.

    - MyFitnessPal, edited by MyFitnessPal LLc, is a free and fast counter of calories in stages, rated fit and health. On a database of more than 4,000,000 foods, this app from diet allows users to memorize favorite foods, save meals, with friends to monitor their progress and support themselves. Among the tools available, MyFitnessPal allows a special calculation recipes, a barcode reader to record in its database, more than 350 exercises, cardio, bodybuilding, custom goals or graphics showing the evolutions.

  3. - Slimming Pocket, edited by New Media Plus, categorized in cooking and drinks, delivers tips to stay slim, with the support of videos, to share with relatives, to follow healthy recipes, gourmet and light composed by chefs, expert nutrition advice, given by Dr. Cohen, and gymnastic exercises thinness smoothly and fitness targeted. Follow-up diet animated with "MaTVPratique ".
    - calorific (What do calories look like?) is a new health and fitness app, released at the end of last month, that allows you to be connected to what you eat. Directly, she proposes to show what equivalent 200 calories of food, about 10% of our average daily intake (which is 1800 calories for women and 2100 for men on average). This classification is made in 7 categories, fruits, vegetables, snacks and snacks, meat and fish, starch and cereals, dairy products and sauces, and finally drinks. (We recall the high caloric power, often unsuspected alcohol.A large glass of white wine is around 200 calories).
    It is necessary to weigh your food so that the app can determine the exact number of calories. Simple, it classifies food into three categories (Good, Fair, Bad) and four sizes.

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