May 28, 2024

Urgent: Nestlé recalls baby jars

The brand Nestle recalls three lots of NaturNes jars intended for children from 6 months: tastes of potato and salmon; carrots, rice and ham. Nestle specifies that "the size and consistency are not suitable for babies' consumptionIndeed, the presence of lumps in these small pots could make it difficult for the very young children.
The brand Nestle adds in its statement that only the small pots with the tastes indicated above are concerned and must be brought back. No other lot in the range Nestle NaturNes is concerned. The baby food brand insists that the quality of the ingredients used is not in question, the problem of the presence of lumps has occurred after "unsuitable cooking due to malfunction".

Here are the references of the lots concerned by this reminder:
Nestle NaturNes Step 2, from 6 months old potatoes / salmon: 82350803E1 EXP: 08.2009
Nestle NaturNes Step 2, from 6 months carrots ham rice: 82740803E1 EXP: 09.2009 and to end the reference: 82750803E1 EXP: 10.2009

For more information, people who bought this type of small pots can contact the consumer service at 0 800 11 21 31.


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