July 3, 2020

Valérie Trierweiler, the first lady's bun

On the 1st of July, around the Rond Point theater, we can talk about an event hairstyle. Valerie Trierweiler, companion of the President of the Republic Francois Hollande, smiling and dressed in a black wrap dress, was wearing a bun. Crepe on the top, whimsical while light wicks in the back, the hairstyle had the distinction of being both fuss-free and very chic.

Why an event? Because until now, Valerie Trierweiler had applied to present a bourgeois blow-dry with loops on the lengths. From the biggest campaign meetings to the arrival at the Bastille on May 6, the "first lady" did not depart from this look hairstyle without much audacity. Along with the Minister of Culture Aurélie Filippetti or the famous agent Dominique Besnehard, we discovered, always ready, always worldly, but less marked!


France's Former First Lady Valerie Trierweiler Takes Official Staff On India Visit (July 2020)