February 29, 2024

What is your commitment?

EDC: We live in a world where the media are numerous and powerful. I have often wondered about the legitimacy of "representing" an association or an operation.
I happen to be amazed by the work of "November in Childhood" which has clearly identified the problem of soliciting everything and for so many serious reasons. They decided to gather - because unity is strength - and to give people the opportunity to participate through daily actions, purchases, but also through a clear, transparent and increasingly effective program. .
I am here to help them be even more heard and supported, thanks to the media.

SLB: I'm here to help the operation at my level. Given Emma's job to me, the best thing we can do is talk about underprivileged children and ways to help them in the media.
Associations act as specialists in the field, November in Childhood federations to provide them with much needed support and we, we have the unique chance to be able to talk to as many people through the media ... so much to use it for a worthy cause!

To help :
Special Issue Attention to the March on TF1, November 26 at 12h10

Commitment - Motivational Video (February 2024)