April 1, 2020

Who will win Masterchef? Answer November 3rd!

Masterchef has kept us going for almost nine weeks, but we have to face the facts: even the most beautiful adventures have an end. That of Masterchef is scheduled for November 3, the day of the grand final between the two remaining candidates still competing in the great competition of the best amateur chef in France. but do not get carried away, before the final of November 3, there is still a lot of twists to live, theatrical turn to cash out and painful starts to manage for the last seven candidates.

Seven candidates, three more weeks of competition
Seven, they are only seven to have held the distance and passed the tests one by one despite the hard knocks and the pressure. Claire, Elisabeth, Sabrina, Olivier, Karim, Nathalie and Xavier are the seven best amateur cooks in France, ready to succeed Anne Alassane and thus obtain the title of Masterchef 2011. But three weeks before the grand final, a question is asked: who is likely to win the contest? Masterchef this year ?

Who will win Masterchef 2011?
Among the forces involved, there are strong personalities and characters much more discreet. On the one hand, Karim, Claire, Sabrina and Olivier have proved - sometimes with some excesses - their tenacity in the effort; on the other hand, Nathalie, Elisabeth and Xavier are the quiet forces of the competition Masterchef this year, often creating surprise and chaining success almost in spite of themselves. But considering Xavier's plummeting last week during the stage at the top of the Aiguille du Midi, perhaps we should better be wary of the water that sleeps before drawing any conclusion. None of the candidates Masterchef still in contention has not said its last word and the suspense may be still total until November 3.

2 candidates, 1 final, 3 decisive challenges
In three weeks, there will be only two candidates left and these two contenders for the title of Masterchef 2011 will have some work to do before we can blow. Challenge # 1: Pastry. Hard hard to play his place on this difficult discipline and even harder when you know that they will have to compete with the illustrious Pierre Hermé. For the occasion, the famous pastry chef will have concocted a very special mystery box with which the two candidates of Masterchef will have to make two gourmet desserts.

Challenge 2: Each finalist will have to cook a dish and a dessert for 30 guests of choice who will have scored the competition Masterchef 2011. This event will be an opportunity for the two amateur cooks surround themselves with a very special brigade composed of 4 clerks incidentally former candidates of Masterchef this year.

Challenge n ° 3: the two candidates will have the immense privilege of cooking an entrée and a dish will have the same ingredient that they will have chosen in the kitchens of the prestigious Pré Catelan, gastronomic restaurant of the juror Frédéric Anton. This test, strong emotions, will be especially as the families of both candidates will be present.

At the end of these three high-flying challenges, the two candidates Masterchef will know which of them will be elected Masterchef 2011 under the eyes of the jury, former candidates and the winner of last year. The bets are open, what are your predictions?

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