May 13, 2021

With each skin its cleanser

Basic tips
Dermatos are formal: the cleaning of the skin is an in-dis-pen-sa-ble step of the care! The latter needs to breathe, and to do this, to be rid of accumulated impurities in a day (makeup, dead cells, sebum, pollution residues, dust, tobacco ...).
- It is therefore imperative, even if you do not wear makeup, to clean your face every night but also every morning, because the skin continues its work of removing sebum and impurities during the night.
- Be gentle in this operation. There is no question of stripping your face: it is better to spend several times a cotton than rubbing hard, in order to protect the hydrolipidic film of the skin.
- A tonic lotion is a plus after a cleansing: it eliminates the last traces of makeup and prepares the skin to receive care.

Makeup removers for dry skin
Milks removersCleansing oils and non-rinsable emulsions, thanks to their moisturizing properties, are better suited to sensitive and dry skin. It is advisable to finish with a tonic without alcohol or a "pschitt" of thermal water. Another possibility: cleansing waters. They do not rinse and are well suited to skins few makeup.

Makeup removers for skins sensitive
Thin and reactive skin, skin with redness ... Women with sensitive skin can turn to some very mild micellar lotions, without rinsing, or to dermatological loaves.

Makeup removers for skins normal
Women who have normal skin have the choice: gels, fluids, foams, milks, water ... possibly followed by a rinse with a tonic or a mist of thermal water. Or, even faster, the wipes!

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Confidence In A Cleanser (May 2021)