July 5, 2020

10 varieties of salad to eat without moderation

Batavia: Originally from Indonesia, the batavia was introduced in France in 1970 by a French couple who had expatriated for two years in New Caledonia. It is crisp and tender, with a large green apple light embossed, it has a slightly sweet taste. It should be chosen with a very white base, it is a sign of freshness.

Watercress: it is a semi-aquatic plant that grows in fresh water. It is eaten raw or cooked, but we prefer it in salad with a good vinaigrette sauce. Cooked, we like it in a good hot vegetable soup with a touch of crème fraîche, a treat!

Oak leaf: native to the Mediterranean, it is harvested from June to October, this type of salad is hard to find. It is one of the favorite varieties of the French. It is red which makes it very attractive to beautifully decorate our plates.

Endive: in France, it is eaten raw as well as cooked (remember, the famous ham endives of the canteen ...). It is harvested from May to October, but we like to consume it in winter due to its many virtues.

Curly: it is very low in calories and rich in vitamin A, B, C, E. Its taste is very slightly spicy. Its really curly texture gives it an atypical charm blending perfectly with other varieties to create plates with many facets.

Mesclun: it's a mixture of plant shoots. Its taste is slightly bitter, it is subtly raised with a drizzle of olive oil, no need for vinegar.

Roquette: we love it to give it a kick and a green touch to our salad. We sprinkle the top of our salad hot with a layer of rocket to make all the difference. Its taste is very pronounced and slightly spicy.

Dandelion: it is a perennial that grows wild everywhere. They are picked at the beginning of spring, they must be picked very young, aging their taste becomes too bitter to be eaten.

Scarole: it is one of the variety of salad the sweetest and the most smooth leaf. It is necessary to raise its taste with the help of a vinaigrette dressing in general.

Rougette: it is one of the most resistant to cold and rustic variety. Its color is red and its leaves are thick and crisp. This makes the redness very tasty.

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