January 16, 2022

2015 Numerology - Destiny Number 5

2015 Numerology - Destiny Number 5


Your life as a couple may be hectic in the first four months. Clashes with your partner will disrupt your relationship. A brief improvement will then occur. In July and August, you will suddenly feel a sense of anxiety that will drive you to be jealous, possessive and exclusive. Your partner will not appreciate! For the rest of the year, you will fully enjoy the joys of love.

The period from February to June will be very good for your professional activities. It could mark for some of you the pinnacle of a career or a project. The cosmic climate of the second half will incline to take excessive risks. You will need to be cautious in your decisions to avoid aborting some of your projects, which are well on the way to success.

From April to November, your vitality will follow an ascending curve thanks to a very tonic cosmic climate. This may have good psychological repercussions, involving a marked increase in morale and a tendency to optimism. Nevertheless, risks of insomnia or migraine during the first three months of the year. Those who are predisposed to circulatory disorders will see their condition worsen in December.

Money :
The stars will support you with all their weight: whatever your financial troubles, you will get away. But this is not a reason to spend your money thoughtlessly. Avoid bank overdrafts, debts and excessive commitments that you would be tempted to take to solve the difficulties of the present. In the fall, the ant will take over the cicada: you will make very good long-term investments.

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