June 23, 2024

Make up for a job interview

To avoid making mistakes and feel uncomfortable during your job interview, do not try to change! Respect the style in which you feel good by adapting it for the occasion.
To erase the traces of fatigue and look dynamic, you can make a glow mask or scrub the morning of your job interview. Then use your usual regenerating cream.

Stay sober To be discreet and refined, put a few concealer at the inner corner of the eye and on the nose. Then apply a foundation close to the color of your skin. Finally, enhance the character of your face with a touch of blush, mascara and a natural lipstick.

If you want to do more makeup, work more precisely the makeup of the eyes in black pencil faded with a brush. Be careful not to fall into the trap of seduction, and avoid using too dark colors that harden the face.
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Do not forget to adapt to the sector in which you want to work. A salesperson will not be made up like an accountant or a bank employee! And do not forget: the good make-up is the one you do not see!

Interview Makeup Tutorial + Confidence Tips! | LustreLux (June 2024)