August 15, 2022

3 tips to manage the return home with your baby

Do you think that you will never get out of bed "for real" at home? Do you still have billions of questions about an infant's meal / sleep / toilet? Do not panic ! Do you just say that you have all the common sense and the resources to take care of your baby since millions of women have done it too before you. Mistakes, you will, like all young people momsbut nothing dramatic as long as you are concerned about the health and well-being of your newborn. And if you really have too little confidence in you, there will always be a doctor / pediatrician / counselor (PMI) (Protection Maternal and Infant) present to answer your questions.


The more you have prepared your return from the maternity BEFORE you go there (often in disaster!), The less you will have reasons to stress on your return. In the weeks before the end of your pregnancy, do not put off the next day "what can wait" according to you (Chamber of baby ready to welcome it *, carrycot or cozy ready to serve ...), keep your home clean and ESPECIALLY: make sure there is all you need in terms of shopping and provisions for that you can remain entrenched at least a few days without going out on your return!

Here is a small list of what we do not necessarily think about before and we often run in haste:
- layers (in large numbers) to baby,
- enough hygienic protection for you,
- a can of milk and bottles - even if you are breastfeeding - just in case,
- mineral water in quantity if you choose to give him the bottle,
- diapers, at least 2 turbulets and a set of 2 or 3 sheets for baby which is likely to regurgitate the first time ...

* Warning: to avoid exposing baby to the pollutants that could emit new paints, carpets and chipboard furniture, take it there as soon as possible to prepare your room.

Not easy for some young people moms to let daddy or grandparents take a little time to take care of baby or from home. And yet, you will soon realize that too much to continue to manage everything (shopping, administrative procedures, maintenance of the house, care of baby...), you will quickly exhaust yourself, not only physically but also morally. Step by step, let stepmom give you a little ironing (if she offers it, of course!) Or the young dad give his bath and his meal to baby. Because it is essential to keep some time for yourself to avoid burnout.

Now that you have learned to relativize and organize yourself: enjoy!

#bossmom | tips for breastfeeding while working + pumping while traveling + security | brianna k (August 2022)