October 22, 2021

3 wise tips to not miss a puff

Whites in snow: the very principle of breath is that it is composed of whites in snow. That's what makes its texture so light. To succeed breath the quality of whites in snow is essential. The eggs should be at room temperature at the time of preparation, if they are too cold, you risk missing your recipe. Then you must always add a pinch of salt, the latter will contribute to the firmness of your eggs. There must obviously be no trace of yolk or fat in the egg whites. Finally, it is very much advisable to use an electric mixer to raise the whites, the risk of having a cramp in the forearm if you strive with the hand whip.

The dish : the choice of dishes in which we will cook our blown is essential. These should be rather narrow and the edges should be high enough so that the dough can inflate to its maximum. Better not to fill the ramekin more than ¾ to be sure to have the necessary place for the blown become as light as possible by setting a maximum. Moreover, the heat must be diffused uniformly, the dishes terracotta are the most effective for this. You can butter and flour your small molds to facilitate their exit from the mold. This trick is infallible.

Cooking: first of all, the oven must be perfectly preheated before baking. Then, it's forbidden to open the oven for the first 15 minutes of cooking, at the risk of seeing your breath immediately fall back. The difference in temperature and thus the thermal shock felt by the blown explains this fallout. The breath must be consumed as soon as it leaves the oven, hot!

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