May 30, 2020

4 questions about the benefits of sport for the child

What are the benefits of sport for our children?

The sport acts on the body and the brain. It acts on both the cardiovascular (heart and lungs) and cognitive abilities of the heart.child (faculty to develop one's senses). The sport also allows children to develop their osteo-muscular system.
It's also very important for girls, the sport intervenes on their bone capital and avoids osteoporosis, which is a demineralization of the bone.

What sports can they practice?

All sports activities.

At what age should they be enrolled?

From 7-8 years old. Young people children do not need to be in clubs, they play enough alone, even if a lot of sport for little ones grow like baby-gym for example.

Is it serious for a child not to play sports?

No, but do not let thatchild is inactive. It's boring if thechild has no physical expense.
If thechild do not like the sportyou have to look at what are your interests. If he likes nature, we can offer him walks, trekking in the forest for example. It must not remain idle and encourage it to move.

If my child had a bad game or practice (May 2020)