April 20, 2024

4 tips to make a very greedy aligot

Do not be afraid of fat
An aligot light does not exist, so do not be afraid of quantities of Butter, cream and cheese ! For 4 people, plan 1kg of bintje potatoes that you cook in salt water for 20 minutes. Then pass them to the potato masher. If necessary, add some cooking juices to obtain the desired consistency. Add to the mash potatoes 60g of Butter in pieces and mix gently with the spatula. Then gradually add 200g thick cream, mix, and add one or two cloves of crushed garlic.

Do not salt too much
The cheese, very salty natural, takes care of it alone! Do not overload your salt aligot, if you do not want to make it inedible! However, have your hand on pepper to rebalance the seasoning.

Do you make muscles
Work it mash potatoes with a spatula over low heat. It is important not to hang on the bottom of the pan. As soon as it becomes very hot, add 400g pieces of fresh tomme de cantal cut into thin strips. Stir vigorously to aerate the aligot.

Adopt the ribbon technique
Lift the aligot with the spatula. If it makes a ribbon, it's ready! Serve the aligot in the pan, it will be a hellish effect!

Aladdin (April 2024)