April 17, 2024

4 tips to neutralize food odors

Essential oils
Start by disinfecting the floor with black soap. Put ten drops of thyme essential oil in the rinse water. Iron the mop with this preparation. It shines and it smells good thyme! Eucalyptus essential oil is also ideal. Put 5 drops in a saucer that you install near a heat source. Good smell guaranteed!

Citrus fruits
Theorange and his cloves are a great classic that still works so much. Plant cloves in a orange fresh and keep it for a month. For a little variation, use a lemon or grapefruit. Take the opportunity to recycle lemon zest, tangerine, grapefruit andorange and put them in a cotton or linen bag or gauze. Attach the bag to the wall and shake the zests when it does not work.

Baking soda
Sprinkle in a cup and leave for a quarter of an hour. Baking soda will absorb odors. You can also sprinkle it in the trash!

The matches
It's a very simple technique that works well. Light a match or two and blow. The sulfur that emerges absorbs odors and deodorizes the room. You will only see fire!

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