May 28, 2024

Bébisol releases a kit for the toilet of the nose!

Avoid otitis and rhino-pharyngitis, it is possible if you clean regularly nose baby. With this new nasal kit by Bébisol, you have everything to succeed in this delicate toilet action.

The washing nose allows to deposit in the nose baby saline. It is filled with serum, then gently introduced into the nostril. Finally, we push the cursor smoothly.

Once the serum in the nose, we use the Baby Fly by sucking gently through the mouthpiece. The new filter system eliminates any risk of contamination of the parents by transfer of phlegm, which is very convenient. More cotton to slip into the device, and a filter of the most effective.


Nasal kit of Bébisol: 12.50 euros, on sale in pharmacy and drugstore.


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