June 10, 2023

5 methods to give birth without pain and without epidurals

Prepare yourselves
Like athletes before a competition, get ready several weeks before your delivery, in order to be as serene as possible on D-Day. Get help from a sophrologist and a midwife specializing in deliveries physiological. They will find the right words to help you manage the pain. If you can, choose a maternity clinic that favors natural births. Also attend preparation classes atdelivery. Finally, brief your companion. His role will be very important on D-day. He will be able to massage you, to help you to relax, to breathe to reduce the pain of the contractions.

Alternative remedies
Alternative medicine such as homeopathy, acupuncture but also yoga or hypnosis can give birth without epidural and without pain. Feel free to browse through specialized books and read the stories of moms on forums. In addition, the Bonaface method also reduces the pain ofdelivery, reduce medical interventions and make a real place for the father. This preparation also aims to eliminate stress in order to be as serene as possible on D-Day. Finally, know that at the time ofdelivery, laughing gas can also be offered. Inquire at your maternity.

Stay at home as long as possible
The day of your delivery, do not rush to motherhood. In the maternity ward, monitoring prevents any movement. And the hospital room does not really put the future moms comfortable. Better to stay at home first. This will also help you determine if you are about to give birth. Or if it is a false alarm. At home, take a hot bath with a dim light to relax. Walk a little or get into the position that suits you best. Also put music or watch TV to help you wait. Then, when the time is right, go to the clinic.

Do you trust
Thedelivery is a natural event that has been going on since time immemorial. Your body is programmed for that. Trust him. The more you fight against pain, the more you will be tense and your delivery will live with difficulty. On the contrary, if you relax and let your body take care of everything, the pain will go away like a wave.

Release the pressure
Allow yourself to sing, sit on all fours, or even scream if it makes you feel better. Also allow yourself to come with your MP3 player, a balloon or a hot water bottle. If you feel the need, demand silence and enter your bubble. Finally, if the pain is not bearable, know that you can also change your mind and ask for the epidural. You do not need to put pressure on yourself and feel guilty. Only the coming of baby is important. And for those who want to give birth without this needle, know that pain is forgotten quickly. As soon as baby will be placed on your belly, thedelivery will already be a distant memory.

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