December 3, 2020

5 products to become a Nail Art Pro

Impossible to miss the phenomenon "Nail Art". In fact, our favorite stars have recently nails colorful, flashy, and filled with drawings and messages of all kinds (see our slideshow: Cara Delevingne, Rihanna ... they all succumb to the nail art trend). Whether it's a claim, like Katy Perry in the US presidential election, or pure aesthetics like Rita Ora for the MET Gala, artistic manicures are in vogue this summer. Come back into the dance, too, and succumb to this nail art! The cosmetics brands have also thought of you. As proof, they now offer clever products to achieve a nail art without much difficulty. Pencil, Pen, Brush ... has toured these clever novelties.

1. The pen
The pen Nail Art: a revolutionary invention. This product will allow you to draw lines, draw hearts, stars, write letters or color a part of your nail, very simply. Like a real pencil, on a sheet of paper. A fun way to get started in nail art. Agn├Ęs B. proposes besides two versions of this magic pen: one, white, for the french manicure, the other, colored, for a more artistic manicure. This pen is recommended for beginners who want something very simple. But also to the most expert who wish to give free rein to their wildest ideas.

2. The stickers
Some brands, like Bourjois, offer mini-stickers, to cover your nails various and varied motifs. Small knots, stars, bird ... there is something for all tastes and all desires. These stickers are recommended for beginners, who, for the first time, launch into nail art. This is indeed the simplest and most practical technique. This will avoid misfires and give a taste of the many possibilities open to them.

3. The stickers
The stickers have invaded the shelves of cosmetics stores for months already. Initially, they were simple manicures, ranging from classic french, to timeless red. The reasons have changed today. Flower, gradient, polka dots ... the nail art has taken its place. These stickers are recommended for beginners. Their application is indeed very simple. This technique is also recommended for lazy people, who do not want to bother with various brushes and nail polish, and not wasting time. The less patient and less meticulous will also appreciate the stickers.

4. False nails
The false nails is also parent geometric and colorful patterns. The Gemey Maybelline brand is the proof. A new fake collection nails, baptized ColorShow, have just made their appearance in the beautysphere. We advise these fake nails to the most experienced, and those who are used to it. Because it is not obvious to ask them correctly.

The brand Bourjois also offers a tool, which is difficult to qualify, but which turns out to be very practical. It is a brush, consisting of two round metal ferrules of different sizes. To make dots and dots in a single gesture. We love !

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