August 14, 2022

5 tips to boost a house flan

Treat your dough well
Choose an ordinary flour! Forget the "anti-lump" flour and buy a very simple (and more economical) type 45 or 55 flour to make the dough of your flan. For the dough to have a good consistency, it is necessary that the egg and the butter are at the same temperature.

Let the dough rest
Arrange your shortbread dough in a fairly wide dish and allow you to obtain a thickness of about 5 cm, before placing it in the fridge for 3 to 4 hours, overnight ideally. Do not forget to sting it.

Prepare the ideal cream
If the basic recipe is a mix milk, sugar, eggs and flour, some well-used ingredients should allow you to get a flan Perfect pastry chef: mix some milk and liquid cream (whole), your eggs, your egg yolks, cornstarch, sugar and vanilla (the use of vanilla sugar is possible but in pod, it is even better). If you use rum, take white rum, not amber rum.

Pre-cook the dough
The blank cooking prevents the dough from becoming softer afterwards.

Shine your flan
You can add egg yolk with a brush, or a homemade fruit syrup. Once your flan ready, wait a few hours to enjoy it fresh!

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