April 17, 2024

7 tips for pretty hands even in winter!

Why treat his hands?
Unlike other areas of the body, the skin on the hands is low in sebum necessary for hydro-lipid film that protects it. The hands are therefore little protected and fragile because always exposed and therefore especially very vulnerable to changes in temperature and atmosphere. In addition, with age the skin is refined and can fade while displaying unsightly dark spots: all good reasons to take care!
7 Tips for beautiful hands
- Wash gently
Avoid in winter very detergent hand soaps. Prefer a sweet PH and enriched formulas, or adopt the formulas "surgrasses" in bread or liquid gel. Without soap, they wash without drying and leave the hands flexible!
- Abuse moisturizing creams

At the same time as the must-have lip balm, slip into your bag a small size of hand cream to apply to envy. It creates a protective film on the surface of the skin while delivering its emollient, nourishing or moisturizing active ingredients. Application to renew at will, several times a day in case of exposure to cold.
- Do not forget the scrub !
Although thin, the skin of the hands needs to be erased which will rid it of dead cells and possible pelt, but especially, which will help to stimulate it. Indeed, the scrub forces the skin to create new cells and thus to thicken a little and therefore to strengthen!
-Adopt the reflex massage oil
Combine two benefits: the massage that boosts exchanges, blood circulation and decongests frozen hands, and the benefits of an oil, sweet almond for example, which will take care of the skin, nourish and nourish it. 'relax. Do not forget the nails!
- Protect them from the cold 

The cold not only dries the skin but also retracts the capillaries, these small surface blood vessels. Combined with temperature differences, it can make them "slam" and cause redness, in addition to unsightly mottling, sign that the hands are really cold. Conclusion, do not wait until it snows to wear gloves! Go out covered ...
- Avoid contact with water and alcohol
If washing hands has all the hygienic virtues, washing them too often has a drawback: limescale dries out the skin. Worse, alcohol-based handwashing solutions without water containing alcohol dry up even more. In winter, avoid household cleaning and detergent products with your bare hands and if you wash your hands with soap, wipe them well and if possible follow a protective cream.
- Make night masks 
In case of dryness at the edge of the crack or crevice or if you work outside, coat your hands with a repair cream and put on gloves, preferably in cotton, before sleeping or opt for pre-impregnated gloves, reusable. By letting it rest all night long, you give the skin a better chance of absorbing it, which is difficult when it is very damaged, especially in cases of stinging.
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Winter Skin Tips (April 2024)