May 23, 2022

A new role for Frédérique Bel who becomes godmother of Asprehp

A few weeks ago, on the occasion of the release of her film "Au bistrot du coin" (March 2011), which evokes the social bond and solidarity in France, Frédérique Bel accepted to take a new role in real life ... the godmother of this Association!

Assist the Association in bringing the cause of sick children to the liver

The actress, who played in A long engagement Sunday, Camping, ugly or Safari, wishes to get involved by mediating the fighting, the rare diseases and organ donations.

This association supports families and their children with rare liver disease. In the absence of drug treatment and therefore research, the majority of these children must undergo a liver transplant, many of which before the age of 2 years. 40% of children transplanted in France are liver transplant patients.

Asprehp has an immense task: it represents 42 rare diseases of the liver. It makes the link with about fifteen associations whose diseases can have a liver injury at pediatric age.

Despite a busy news, Frédérique Bel wanted to share the daily life of children and families. The actress also participated in the launch of the first French popular song "Sitting or standing"In tribute to the courage of sick children, the benefits of this single should feed into the pediatric hepatology research fund.


The Parent Support and Research Association Pediatric Hepatology was born in 2009, under the leadership of Hélène Berrué-Gaillard, its President. ASPREHP aims to represent children with rare diseases of the liver, talk about transplants and get out families different forms of isolation inherent in this life course.

Since its creation, the Association has set up a solidarity fund to financially support families (food aid, accommodation during the child's hospitalization, gifts and Christmas, transportation of siblings to gather the families...).

It has also made available families a forum to exchange and advocate. The ASPREHP organizes events (concert, auction ...) to raise funds. To learn more about this Association, click here