April 10, 2021

Abnormalities found in dietary supplements

Hard to swallow 

The controls of the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) hurt. After the call to order concerning the UV tanning booths, it is the manufacturers of food supplements who are going up the straps.

According to the magazine Competition and consumption published Wednesday, April 15, 220 different abnormalities were found on 1,760 food supplements controlled. These anomalies mainly concern misleading commercial statements to the consumer or labeling anomalies.
Nearly 500 food supplement companies saw the DGCCRF pass in 2008, and 35% of them bit their fingers because they were in violation. In most cases, the controls concerned the labeling of the packages and the composition of the capsules.

Difficult to digest when you know how much these little pills thinness, vitaminized, draining, relaxing etc. have been in fashion for some years, to the point of becoming a new form of nutrition.

Of the 220 anomalies observed, 7% come from defects in self-monitoring or traceability. The two criteria for marketing food supplements are very strict: the assets used must be healthy and their virtues vaunted on the packaging must be truthful.


The DGCCRF prefers to prevent aficionados of these pills. To avoid overconsumption that can be harmful for the body, it recommends the consumer not to associate products touting the same properties. For example, combine two dietary supplements thinness is not recommended.

The DGCCRF also recommends avoiding buying supplements on websites hosted outside the European Union: these foreign sites may be misleading, selling products whose origin of the ingredients is not known.

In total, more than 28,000 food supplements of all types were checked and registered in the DGCCRF database, and more than 3,000 of them were banned from sale. The reasons vary: presence of a prohibited ingredient, non-compliance with the definition of the food product, etc.

Last October, the consumer advocacy association UFC-Que Choisir also pointed to certain food supplements, saying they were "sometimes dangerous", after testing on 33 of the top-selling products. The targeted products belonged to three different food supplement families, and contained vitamin C, omega 3 and "line and thinness".

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