October 25, 2021

Against the flu A, an anti-bacterial gel for the hands is essential

It is called antiseptic gel or anti-bacterial gel: this small bottle that we carry in our handbag is essential in these times of freshness where the body weakens a little and especially in these times of virus where can float the influenza AT.

Since this type of virus is transmitted among others by handshakes, it is strongly recommended to use this kind of mini-bottle of anti-bacterial gel. For example, Yves Rocher launches, like many other brands, a no-rinse hand gel, to clean and protect your hands from all the germs that drag in the transports, on your keyboards and computer mouse, on your phone, in the shops, in short you understand, germs are everywhere.

Yves Rocher, a great brand of cosmetics with herbs, will therefore release a bottle of this gel hands whose formula is active in 30 seconds. This gel is also antifungal (against fungi), sanitizing, active on virus and anti-bacterial. This gel is also tested under dermatological control.

Without doing a general psychosis, you should wash your hands thoroughly several times during the day, and when this is not possible, as when you are on the street, prefer the antiseptic gel for the hands.

Anti-bacterial hand gel Yves Rocher : 7.80? the 100ml
Available in October 2009 in shops Yves Rocher.

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