June 2, 2020

Alexandra Rosenfeld, Miss France 2006 gives us her beauty tips

What part of your face do you like most to showcase?
My eyes. In general, I wear very little makeup. I can not stand the foundation, I feel locked up.

What part of your body do you prefer?
My legs. They are muscular. I did athletics from my 8 years to my 18 years. Unfortunately, I do a lot less sport today. It's been six months since I went there.

How much time do you spend on average in the bathroom?
Not very long. I take five minutes to put on my makeup in the morning. Before the election of miss FranceI was a student. I was more like jeans-basket. Today, I pay more attention to myself but I like to have a casual look.

Was it not difficult to move from student to student miss France ?
Yes, I learned to get ready during my Miss year. But I can not stand the idea my first pictures as miss France. I had to wear make-up and put on my hair alone. It was a cat. I was complexed because I found it ugly ...

A tip to keep the line?
I never went on a diet. The most important thing is to eat well and not to skip meals. I drink a lot of water. During my pregnancy, I only took six pounds. And yet, I did not do anything special. It really depends on the morphologies.

Do you have a favorite perfume?
Yes. Chanel Chance. I started wearing it after my year of miss France. I have not let go since. I feel naked without him.

What is your biggest hair craze?
Small, I always had short hair. For the election of miss FranceI had long hair. After my coronation of Miss Europe, I decided to cut them off without notifying anyone. At first, it was not very well perceived. When we are elected Miss, in general, we must keep the same haircut. That's how the public elects us and prefers us ...

We rarely saw you changing hair color ...
I have strict parents. When I was younger, I was not allowed to color. I just made a few lighter strands.

If, one day, your daughter tells you that she wishes to apply for the Miss France election, what would you say to her?
It will depend on the evolution of the contest. But, I would not be against it. I like the image that returns miss France. It's a very healthy election.