October 5, 2022

All about Botox: care, make up, massages ... the alternatives!

Our favorite anti-wrinkle creams!

- Radiance Smoothing Cream Capture R60 / 80 1st Wrinkles 50 ml, 68 euros. This cream acts at the source of the formation of the first wrinkles. It brings an immediate patch effect that smooths most wrinkles in one hour.
- Avene Anti Aging Concentrated Gel, 25 euros. In the evening, put a small amount of gel directly on your wrinkles. You will see that this product works miracles!
- Rexaline HydraDose Rich, 50 ml, 59 euros (on sale at Sephora). This care with silky texture compensates for skin dehydration so that your skin regains its level of hydration. Day after day, your will be smoother and brighter
To know: creams can never have the effect of botox because they do not penetrate the cutaneous barrier enough to lodge in the muscles. They often contain a glycolic acid that produces a slight firming effect, but only for a few days.

Make up tips to reduce forehead wrinkles!

-Opt for the Smooth minute of Clarins. It's the darling of stars! It smooths your skin in an instant. Its slippery and melting texture deposits an imperceptible and ultra-smoothing film that merges with the skin. Wrinkles, fine lines are visually erased thanks to the Soft Focus pigment which attenuates the shadows due to the cutaneous relief.
- Never abuse the foundation and powder on the forehead. They tend to become embedded in wrinkles and bring them out. Our advice: Avoid putting makeup on your forehead and let it breathe!
- Emphasize the make up on your mouth or your eyes, so no one will focus on your forehead wrinkles or your lion's ride, on the contrary, they will notice your bewitching eyes and your flaming smile!

Massages, a playful trick to smooth wrinkles!

There are techniques of massage very developed to smooth wrinkles that clutter the top of our face!
For the lion's ride
First locate the muscle concerned by placing your index finger and lifting the eyebrows. Then put your hands on the temples and work the muscle by imagining that you put glasses on your nose.
For the crow's feet
To cheer up the goose dough, widen and close your eyes by decomposing and exaggerating the movement.
For forehead wrinkles
Place your hands on the forehead, horizontally. Raise your eyebrows. Your hands must try to stop them firmly. Hold 10 seconds then release.


All-Natural Anti-Aging Beauty Routine (October 2022)