August 16, 2022

All about low back pain or lumbago

The lumbar spine consists of five lumbar vertebrae, separated by cartilage disks sheltering a central elastic core: the nucleus pulposus. These discs cushion the impact of the spine, whether during walking, movements of daily life or sport, and give the vertebral column its mobility.

The nuclueus pulpus, in low back pain or lumbago, is the culprit! It is he who generates the pain. In a sudden movement, the disc may be damaged and the nucleus pulpus moves and ignites the entire surrounding area. If the nucleus pulpus moves to the point of leaving the column, there is hernia.

The causes low back pain can be multiple. Diseases of the viscera can cause lumbago. But most often, the prolonged sitting, especially in the car, a malformation like scoliosis, a trauma of sport, being overweight or overweight due to pregnancy or simply the stress can trigger a lumbago.

If you see your doctorhe will find it difficult to establish the cause of lumbago. It will certainly prescribe a CT scan to check that you are not suffering from a malformation, a tumor, a disc disease or any pathology affecting your spine. Osteoarthritis can of course be a cause of lumbago, even if it is only at its beginnings.

To treat low back pain, it is important first of all to know how to avoid it: you have to learn the right gestures to lift a bundle with your knees bent, do not twist your spine, strengthen your abdominals ... During lumbago attacks, anti -Non-steroidal inflammation will help relieve pain and prevent the inflammation from getting worse. Cortisone infiltrations may be recommended.

Our advice
Children are also prone to low back pain. It is important for them, who spend long hours in their school chairs, to practice a non-violent sport activity several times a week to fight against muscle weakness.

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