April 10, 2021

And tenderness ...? or the differences between men and women

Tenderness, this feeling close to love, cradles the heart of each of us. Tender looks, cuddly gestures, attention, affection ... We all ask for it, we all need it. But how, within the couple lifedo we feel tenderness?


From the point of view of women, the need for tenderness is expressed more than in men, in general. We want caresses, sweet words, everyday, to feel loved, and exist in the eyes of the one we love. Gentle gestures also put us in condition for a sexuality fulfilled! We also like to be comforted in case of blues or big grief, snuggle in his arms and feel his protective force.


And the men in all that ?


For them, the signs of tenderness on the part of their companion (and others) is a way to feel valued in the eyes of their darling and society. Ah male image ... They all need to feel reassured about their virile status!


And when mister is dad, it happens that it feels in competition with baby to whom one gives so much tenderness. Your man will be in demand of hugs, simply for you to show him that it exists!





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