April 20, 2024

Anorexia: signs that do not deceive

Anorexia nervosa results primarily in impressive weight loss. But it is important to distinguish a teenager who follows a simple dieting of an anorexic. The first speaks about it, expresses its difficulties and has a specific objective like 3 kilos less.

Anorexic, she wants to lose weight all the time and tries to thwart suspicions. She always has a good excuse not to sit down with you at noon, starts playing sports to avoid the evening meal, and refuses any snacks even a quarter of an apple. She systematically discards sweet or fatty foods even those she loves, account for all the calories ingested ... But unlike the teen who follows a simple diet, food turns to obsession or nightmare. The patient does not agree any difference. And when she has to, she uses laxatives or vomits.

The teenager who suffers from this pathology is very involved in her studies. She is studious and spends a lot, not to be healthy, but again, to lose weight. She also drinks a lot of water and loves herbal teas and diuretic teas. However, the state of frustration is sometimes such that anorexia causes binge eating.

This eating behavior disorder often leads to depressive states, withdrawal and sometimes addictive behaviors. But it causes especially many health problems that can go as far as causing death.

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