July 3, 2020

Anti-crisis plan: 3 massages at a mini price

The traditional Tibetan massage "Koue Nye"

Inspired by the ancient medicine of Tibet, this massage "Kou Nye" alternates firmness and softness thanks to maneuvers that are both rich, subtle and rhythmic. It releases your muscles from their tensions, stimulates blood circulation and eliminates toxins. Result: massage Tibetan traditional "Kou Nye" gives you an incredible sensation of total relaxation and stress is nothing but a nasty memory.

Duration: 1h
Price: 47? (instead of 95?) to book on Balinea.com

The Paris Spa
66 rue Saint-Antoine
75004 Paris


Foot reflexology massage
Your feet have more than 7000 nerve connections. Thanks to arch pressures and smoothing down to the lower leg, this massage Feet stimulates the energy flow and has a therapeutic effect. If you have neck or back pain, for example, the therapist can see it by manipulating your feet! It's quite bluffing, by the way. It is then enough for him to work on the meridian which connects your foot with the place where you have pain to relieve your pain. This massage also relieves stress and muscle tension. Result: you are totally relaxed, even if massage concentrates, a priori, on your feet.
Duration: 1h
Price: 49? (instead of 90?) to book on Balinea.com
20 rue de Chanzy
75011 Paris


Thai massage with essential oils
Respecting the Thai tradition, this massage alternates deep pressures and slow, fluid movements. It resolves tensions and rebalances the energy flow. It is an experience of immediate relaxation. Depending on the oils used and their benefits, this massage whole body can be relaxing or toning. It relieves muscular tension, relieves the back, facilitates sleep and harmonizes the different energies of the body. A real moment of zenitude!
Duration: 1h

Price: 45? (instead of 70?) to book on Balinea.com

Thai Beauty Orchid
54 rue de Dunkerque
75009 Paris

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