June 23, 2024

Beauty and fashion: Five myths about men

The world is changing and the ratio of men to the world of fashion and beauty too. They are more and more to show a willingness to take care of them. This is evidenced by the number of cosmetic brands that have launched ranges of products specifically designed for men. We are far from conventional wisdom claiming that men do not worry about their look or their skin ...

Myth # 1: Men do not take care of their skin
How many times have we surprised our man stinging us a little bit of our cream by day ? A survey conducted by the cosmetics site Escentual.com and relayed by the Daily Mail reveals that 46.5% of British women believe that their spouse would regularly use their cream at night, serum and other products. Notably because their idols (David Beckham in mind) do not hesitate to say that they use beauty products to preserve their skin. Moreover, the ranges of products for men are really successful (Mennen, Biotherm Man, MenExpert).

Myth # 2: They do not pay attention to their weight
The success of gyms proves the opposite. The men do not necessarily go through a diet but more to physically talk. Because yes, a man is more likely than we would like to believe. Start talking to her about her love wrists or her little belly / beer, you'll see ... In the same way that as a woman we appreciate moderately such remarks, hence our constant "obsession" with our weight, the men are paying more and more attention to them. This avoids many vexations.

Myth # 3: Men do not like shopping.
With the development of online sales sites, the men would be more and more addicted to internet purchases and would spend about 135 euros clothingagainst 95 euros for women according to a recent Dutch study. In addition, they would sometimes choose more expensive products than women to have the best quality possible. So, of course, they tell us they do not like shopping, but maybe they prefer to go alone.

Myth # 4: Men do not follow trends
Thanks to Fashion Weeks Man and creators who offer many collections at the forefront of the latest trends, men are increasingly following fashion and are inspired to find ideas for dressing. They even look at the stars. We all had the impression one day to meet Johnny Depp in the street. But it was not Johnny Depp, just a guy who had copied his look.

Myth # 5: The metrosexual style is just an invention
David Beckham, Ed Westwick, Ryan Reynolds, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jude Law ... Want more? These guys are guns and to be always on top, they do not hesitate to take care of them and make shopping trips. And they are real guys ... like ours.

Finally Revealed!! - 5 Myths About Men | #fame Fashion (June 2024)