April 19, 2024

Beauty look of the day: Kim Kardashian, elegant and natural at the MTV Video Music Awards

Kim Kardashian on the path of redemption! After getting used to being too much (too much bling-bling, too much on plastic surgery, too much makeup), it seems that today, Mrs West has decided to play it more discreet and more elegant. And beauty, this includes a much lighter hand on eye shadow, eyeliner and other lipsticks. At the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, August 25, a ceremony in Los Angeles Kim Kardashian so surprised by its simplicity and its naturalness.

Not that she arrived without being prepared. However, the young woman had worked its beauty in transparency and discretion. So, make-up side, Kim Kardashian had opted for a combination of eyeshadow glossy brown (on the upper eyelid) and golden (flush eyelashes of the lower eyelid). A point of pearly white deposited in the inner corner of the eye opened the eyes. And for the form, a good layer of mascara and some false eyelashes came to enlarge the eye of the young woman. Follower of contouring, Kim Kardashian had been a little heavier on the complexion. A gesture that can be blamed but that here still allowed him to show a radiant face. Finally, nude lips complemented this make-up all in all quite natural.

Hair style, again, Kim Kardashian had preferred to play simplicity. And so had opted for wide undulations, separated by a straight line in the middle of the skull. An easy to make, sexy hairstyle that gave the young woman's hair a nice movement.

In short, Kim Kardashian-West was really hot!

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